Quad Backcountry Tour

A fun way to experience our great northern lifestyle.

A fun way to experience our great northern lifestyle. Drive your own ATV or share a 2 seater ATV and explore the backcountry of Whitehorse. On the first Miles on the Copper Trail we quickly learn how to handle the Quad and discover how easily we make it through all terrain, before we head up Mount McIntyre to our view point over Fish Lake.
On our way downhill from Mount McIntyre we continue our tour on the Copper Trail to our pick up point at Mount Sima.


  • Drive your own Quad or share a 2 up Quad.
  • Guided Quad trip on the Copper Trail and up Mount McIntyre.
  • Explore the backcountry of Whitehorse on a ride up the mountains.
  • Enjoying the spectacular view over Fish Lake.

What is included:

  • Lead by an experienced guide
  • Quad or 2-up Quad including helmet and gas
  • water bottle
  • Transportation from hotel to Copper Trail & back

What to bring:

  • For this Quad adventure on natural trails, we recommend that you dress in comfortable clothes with sturdy shoes.
  • Please bring gloves to protect your hands and keep them warm.
  • A light windbreaker is always useful to keep in your bag.
  • Be prepared, it can become dusty!


  • The Quad trip is offered every day over the summer month.
    (advance booking advisable)
  • Daily downtown Whitehorse departures at 12:00 noon
  • Length: approximately 2.5 hours

Price: $240 per person

All prices are in Canadian dollars plus 5% GST.