Infos and Tips for your Yukon Adventure

Information about the Yukon – Canada’s True North – and tips for your Yukon adventure

The Yukon is located in the north-west corner of Canada, next to Alaska (USA) and reaches north to the Beaufort Sea. To give you a general overview of the Yukon we inserted a map where you can see the most important cities, roads and rivers.

Here is some general information about the Yukon:

  • The Yukon covers approximately 482.443km² and around 36.625 citizens are living there.
  • 25.000 of the inhabitants have their residence in the capital Whitehorse.
  • There are 12 Highways, which connect the villages.
  • The largest non polar ice field is located in the approximately 22.000 km² Kluane National Park. Here in the ice covered St. Elias Mountains you will find the 5.959m Mount Logan, the highest mountain in Canada.
  • There are around 50.000 Moose, 160.000 Caribous and 18.000 Bears in the Yukon
  • A tour on the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City leads you through 750 km of unique landscapes. This is compareable with a tour on the Rhein River from Switzerland to the North Sea in the Netherlands.
  • Whitehorse as the capital of the Yukon offers everything you can find in bigger cities. There are shopping malls, culture events, all kind of sport activities, museums, theatres and a lot more.

Airline connections to the Yukon

There is year-round daily international air traffic to the Yukon. During the main season, mid May to end of October, CONDOR flys nonstop from Frankfurt (Germany) to Whitehorse. There are other connecting flights with AIR NORTH and/or AIR CANADA from Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton.


The continental climate is easily tolerated because of its low humidity. In the summer time the temperature can be occasionally climb up to 30°C. Rain over long period of time is rare. T-shirt and shorts as well as sunglasses and caps are mandatory. Rivers and lakes invite you to a refreshing bath.

But keep in mind that the weather conditions may change very fast, especially during hikes above the tree line or canoe passages on lakes, be prepared for sudden weather changes. Before you set out, make sure that you check the long term weather forecast for your area.

In the winter time you may have a nice and sunny day with minus 10 °C, followed by an ice cold night with minus 35 °C. Pay attention to weather changes, including wind directions and cloud formation. In case of doubt make your decision in favor of safety.

Here you will find the current Whitehorse Wheather Forecast.

average Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
temperature in (°C) -18,7 -13,1 -7,2 0,3 6,6 11,6 14 12,3 7,3 0,7 -10 -15,9
hours of daylight 6 8 10,5 13,5 16 18 19 17 14 11,5 8,5 5,5

Meals during our guided tours:

On our tours we are looking for balance and variety in our meal selection. Besides fresh fruits and vegetables we complement our meals with rice, potatoes and noodles. A juicy steak or a fresh caught fish prepared on our daily campfire with home baked bread is part of our menu. You will be surprised about the delicious meal your guide creates with simple ingredients in the wilderness. The variety of drinks includes coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other refreshments. Alcoholic drinks and sweets are not supplied by us.

Our recommendation for your personal equipment:

Sleeping bag, backpack, rain gear (jacket and pants, no poncho), running shoes, sandals with velcro (shoes you can wear wet), hiking shoes, long pants and shorts, outdoor pants (zipper pants), T-shirts, warm sweater (fleece), jacket, underwear, wool socks for hiking, hat or cap, light gloves, hygiene and washing articles, towels, sun screen, lip balm, sun glasses, knife, lighter/matches, binoculars, camera and video equipment.

Your personal gear is up to you. The above list should only be a recommendation and has to be completed according to your needs. Should you miss something important in our list please let us know.

Groceries and consumer goods for individual travelers are not provided. We would like to give you advice for your shopping. On our guided tours all meals are provided.


Vaccination against tetanus is advantageous. Rabies and ticks vaccination are not necessary. To prevent infection with gardia, water should be boiled before usage.


We strongly advise you to have travel/cancellation, theft and luggage insurance. Also we recommend a health insurance valid in Canada, rescue and transportation insurance.